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Account Switch Kit

Switch your account to Sheboygan Area Credit Union

SACU has made moving your account from your previous financial institution fast and convenient with our Switch Kit. All the letters and forms you will need to make this transition as easy as possible are provided here. All you need to do is fill out the forms online, print them and mail the letters to the appropriate companies or individuals.

Three Simple Steps to Switch
1. Open a membership at either of our two branches.
2. Download and mail all the necessary forms below and print the checklist to mark your progress.
3. Close your account at your old financial institution. Verify that all checks, card transactions, and scheduled bill payments have cleared your old checking account.


  Print the checklist PDF
Check off the boxes on a printed copy as you complete the tasks listed below.

Account Switch Kit

Direct Deposit Change Request PDF
Send written notices to companies that you have direct deposit with (employer, government deposits, pension, transfers from other financial institutions, investment dividends, child support or court-issued deposits, etc.) notifying them that you want to switch your direct deposits to your new account at Sheboygan Area Credit Union.
Authorization Agreement for Direct DepositPDF
Send written notice to set up direct deposits with any new companies or individuals.

Sheboygan Area Credit Union
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Authorization for Canceling Automatic Payments PDF
Send written notices to companies who automatically take payments from your checking account (utilities, mortgage, insurance, brokerage, credit cards, internet service providers, transfers to other banks, child support or court issued payments, etc.) notifying them that you are closing the account.
Authorization for Transferring Automatic Payments PDF
Send this form to companies notifying them that you want to transfer existing automatic payments from your previous financial institution to Sheboygan Area Credit Union.
Authorization for Automatic Payment PDF
Send a notification to companies in order to set up new automatic payments.
Verify that your direct deposits and automatic payments have begun posting to your new Sheboygan Area Credit Union account.
Account Closing Request PDF
Send written notice to your old financial institution informing them you are closing your account.