Sheboygan Area Credit Union

Account Services


Direct Deposit

Direct deposit to your account at Sheboygan Area Credit Union is available if provided by your employer. This service is free, and you can direct your deposits to your share savings, draft, and loan accounts. You will find this a sure way to accumulate savings and a worry-free way of making monthly loan payments.

The Credit Union also accepts direct deposit of retirement and other reoccurring deposits and payments you may receive. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. Call us today!

  • Safe and secure deposits
  • No more paper paychecks
  • Take advantage of other offers that require direct deposit

Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself from accidentally overdrawing on your checking account with Overdraft Protection from SACU. Funds will automatically transfer from a member's share savings account to his/her checking account to prevent an overdraft and the fee. Members may also establish a Kwik Cash line of credit to cover overdrafts. Overdraft Protection covers checks, check card transactions, and automatic payments that are presented for payment through your checking account.



Notary Services

At Sheboygan Area Credit Union, we offer free Notary services to current members.
Call us or send a message to schedule an appointment!

Money Orders

  • Use instead of checks
  • Guaranteed funds availability


Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Keep your valuables safe and secure
  • Secure room for member privacy


Wire Transfers

  • Provide the following information to the sender of an incoming wire transfer being deposited into your SACU account. An incoming wire fee will be charged. Please see the Fee Schedule for the current amount charged.
  • Wisconsin Corporate Central Credit Union

    Hales Corners, WI

    ABA/Routing # 275082866

    For further Credit to:

    Sheboygan Area Credit Union

    ABA/Routing # 275981828

    Your name as listed on the account

    Your SACU account number

Other Services

  • Payroll Deduction
  • Debit Card
  • Overnight Deposit
  • Vehicle Pricing
  • Coin Counter
  • VISA Gift Cards
  • Credit Counseling Referral Service
  • Loan Payment Protection
  • Savings Bond Redemption