Sheboygan Area Credit Union


Savings Accounts

Whether you're saving for retirement, your child's education, or a vacation, SACU can help you reach your goal.

Share Savings

When you join SACU, you make an initial deposit of $5—your "share" in the credit union—and you're a member!

In addition to your Share Savings account, you can set up separate savings accounts for special purposes like vacation, emergencies, and property taxes. Make regular deposits to your Savings Account – then watch it grow and grow. No matter where your finances stand today, you'll see your savings start to grow, and you'll begin a healthy lifetime habit of saving.

  • $5 Minimum to open account
  • Dividends earned on balances of $100 or more
  • Online Banking, Mobile App
  • Teller Line Connection (Phone Banking)
  • ATM card *,**


* ATM card fees are as follow, 4 transactions in 1 one month, each additional transaction $0.75 or $1.00 per month unlimited transactions.
** There may be other fees for using non-Sheboygan Area Credit Union ATM machines.


Share Certificates

Grow your savings safely and securely

Share certificates offer higher return rates than share accounts, and rates increase as the term length increases. On the maturity date, some share certificates will renew automatically for the same term at the current rate (unless the member instructs SACU otherwise). A withdrawal of all or part of the invested funds prior to maturity will result in a penalty. Rates are subject to change; however, yields are guaranteed for the length of the term.

  • Higher rate of return than savings account
  • Many different certificates available
  • $1,000 Minimum required to open
  • Child certificates also available

You'll be secure knowing that the funds in your low-risk SACU Certificates are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Plus, your investments are staying local, helping to strengthen your member-owned credit union and other credit union members here in the community.


Holiday & Multipurpose Share Accounts

Save for the holidays and/or vacations all year long with your SACU Club account. Just contribute a little something from every paycheck.

Holiday Share Accounts are available for special projects or events when saving separately from a regular savings account is appropriate, such as holiday shopping, vacations, taxes, special purchases, etc. Any amount can be deposited into this account via payroll deduction or cash deposit.


Money Market

Maximize your returns and have access to your money anytime you need it.

If you'd like to earn higher dividends on your savings, but you don't want to tie up your money for long periods of time, consider a Money Market account. It's the best of a savings account and a high-earning investment account combined!


IRA – Savings and Certificates

We all dream of retirement—having the time to do what we want, when we want. Days spent fishing, an RV trip cross-country, time with grandkids, or just being able to kick back and relax.

A successful retirement doesn't happen automatically—it takes planning and a little persistence to ensure that you'll be ready when the time comes. And it requires some special tools to help you get there more easily.

IRA Accounts help you build wealth using certain tax benefits, without risking it in the stock market or other investments. IRAs at SACU pay excellent rates of return.

  • Same rate as Traditional CDs
  • Tax Deferred- consult with your tax advisor to confirm
  • IRA Share Accounts
  • IRA Share Certificates
  • Roth IRAs




Members can open a Savings Account any time. Call us or visit a branch to open an account.

Open an Account

  • Visit one of our branches
  • Call us at (920) 459-5151