Sheboygan Area Credit Union

Online BillPay and Picture Pay FAQ


Q: What is Picture Pay?

A:  Picture Pay is a product accessed through Sheboygan Area Credit Union’s Mobile Banking app that simplifies the way you pay bills. With Picture Pay, you simply take a picture of your bill with your smart phone, enter the amount you wish to pay, and submit it for payment. You can also pay an individual by manually keying in the information.


Q: How do I access Picture Pay?

A: If you are an existing mobile banking user, you’ll see the “Bill Pay" option in the main menu after you sign in. If you are not a mobile banking user, you’ll need to download our mobile banking app. You can do this by going to the app store for your device and searching for “Sheboygan Area Credit Union.”  You will log into mobile banking using the same user name and password you have for online banking.


Q: I do not have the "Bill Pay" option.  Why?
A: In order to offer mobile Bill Pay we needed to update our app. Please go to your device's app store and download the latest version of our app.


Q: I'm going to pay a bill. When will the funds be deducted from my account?

A: In cases where teh funds are sent electronicl,y, the funds will be deducted immediately. If our BillPay must produce a paper check for the payment the funds get deducted when the check clears.


Q: How do I qualify for Picture Pay?

A: You must be enrolled in online banking and mobile banking and here’s why:

a.You will use your Online Banking user name and password to log into Mobile banking

b.You cannot establish a user name and password from mobile banking; this can only be done using online banking,


Q: How does Picture Pay work?

A: While inside the Mobile Banking app, you’ll choose the “picture pay” option and follow the prompts

to take a photo of the front of the bill, enter the amount you wish to pay, and submit for payment.


Q: Is there a fee to use Picture Pay?

A: There is no fee for using Picture Pay except in the case of a rushed payment.  Rushed payments are charged as follows:

• Same Day Electronic Items: $7.95

• Overnight Mail Paper Items : $29.95
(Items submitted by 3p.m. central time will be processed same business day**. Any items submitted after 3p.m will be processed next business day. )

** Business days are Monday - Friday.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of bills that can be paid?

A: Not at this time.


Q: What if the image submitted via Picture Pay is blurry?

A: If the image is not legible the item cannot be processed. You will receive a notification like the image listed below that the image cannot be processed.


Q: How can I use the Picture Pay process to pay for bills that I receive electronically rather than by USPS mail?

A: If you receive your invoice electronically (such as via email), you may either print out a copy of the

invoice and take a picture of it, or you may just take a picture of the invoice right on your computer screen.


Q: Who can I pay bills to via the Picture Pay process?

A: Just as with online bill pay, you can pay anyone. The Picture Pay process will need to determine

certain information from the photo of the invoice in regards to who you are paying and their return/payment address and the Picture Pay process takes it from there. The Picture Pay system will

send out payments electronically when possible, and will print and mail a check when electronic delivery

is not an option. You can also pay an individual by manually keying in the payee’s information under the

Use Payee List.


Q: What if I don’t have a smart phone or tablet with a camera? Can I use Picture Pay?

A: Picture Pay requires that the photo be taken at the time you are using Mobile Deposit. If your smart

phone doesn’t have a camera, you cannot use picture pay at this time.


Q: What happens if the bill doesn’t get paid on time?

A: You remain in control of when the payment gets made, but be mindful of the delivery time when you

schedule your payments. At the most, it will take 4 - 5 business days for a payment to arrive at the billers

address. For billers that accept electronic payments, it will only take one day!


Q: Is Picture Pay available if I am using online banking from a PC or laptop?

A: Not at this time. Picture Pay is only available through Sheboygan Area Credit Union’s mobile banking app.


Q: Is it dangerous to pay bills with your phone?

A: As all data transmitted between services and mobile devices are encrypted just the same as online banking, the risk of fraud is no greater.


Q: Will this service put me at risk of identity theft?

A: Consider the following precautions to use mobile banking apps more safely:

•Password-protect your device.

•Make sure your mobile security and virus protection software are current.

•Don’t save your banking password on your device.

•Watch out for Phishing scams. (Sheboygan Area Credit Union will never solicit you to ask for your banking information via email or text.)

•It is a good idea to conduct your online banking with a secure connection (rather than a public