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A Tiny Chip That Makes a Difference


Sheboygan Area Credit Union's credit cards are becoming more secure with EMV chip technology. EMV chip technology is currently one of the most effective tools being used to protect your information and prevent the spread of credit card fraud.


Chip enabled cards ensure your information remains protected and makes it more difficult for potential fraudsters to obtain your data.


Every time you use an EMV chip card at a chip enabled terminal the transaction is more secure because of a unique process used to determine the authenticity of the card and encrypt your information making it more difficult to counterfeit or copy.


Our cards will still include the magnetic strip so you can use your card anywhere including merchants without chip-enabled terminals. While purchases made at EMV chip enabled terminals offer greater protection, all transactions made with your card are protected and there is a zero liability coverage for unauthorized purchases.


If you presently have a credit card with Sheboygan Area Credit Union you will receive a chip card when your card expires or it is replaced due to loss.


A few things to expect when using your chip card at a chip enabled terminal


1) insert the card, chip facing up

2) keep your card in the terminal and follow the prompts until complete

3) remove the card when prompted and sign if required


If you still have questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 459-5151 or visit us online.


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